Services by Dudley

DUDLEY FUNERAL HOME offers a variety of service offerings In Celebration of Life™

Whether your choices and preferences include immediate burial, traditional services, cremation or customized remembrances, you have all options at Dudley Funeral Home.

The facilities include on premise chapels and state rooms, a family conference area, and a full selection of funeral and memorial merchandise. 

We also offer a fleet of limousines, hearses, lead cars, flower vans and other service vehicles to provide for your comfort, convenience and safety.

We are here to ensure that every detail of your selection is carried out as you wish.

We make it Special. Our In Celebration of Life™ details are specific to the memory of the deceased. Whether special includes images and memories of sports, the arts, music, automobiles, charity, church, fraternity, sorority, food or something else unique, we are here to make it happen. The ceremony or event, that you want to have, is what we will create.

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617 East Jackson Street, 
Dublin, Georgia, United States